What to Expect from Puppy Training


Are you considering puppy training? The newest addition to your family does not come with an instruction manual. Puppies fill your home with happiness, joy and love. They also add chew marks to shoes and furniture, muddy paw prints to the rug and surprise puddles. With puppies, you must take the good with the bad. […]

Is Your Dog Therapy Dog Material?


Could your dog be a therapy dog? It is not uncommon to see dogs accompanying people on trips anywhere the public is welcome. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks for individuals with disabilities. The ADA outlines the only two questions that can be asked when […]

The Effects of Emotional Support Dogs in the Work Place

Cheerful smiling handsome caucasian man sitting in his office an

Today, people are more stressed-out than ever before. On the heels of a now (mostly) under control global pandemic, rising inflation, increased household expenses, and more, we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed. With the vast majority of us spending time in the workplace, employers have a unique opportunity to improve morale, reduce anxiety, enhance mood, […]

Home Safety: Family Protection Dogs


Why could you need a family protection dog? Did you know that 65% of convicted criminals say that if there had been a large, intimidating dog on the premises when they committed the crime they would have been scared away? Most homeowners are not aware of the fact that coupling today’s top security gadgets with the protective […]

Does Your Dog Need a Training Refresh?


You love your best friend. Your dog provides constant companionship, unwavering love and a daily dose of happiness. However, you may have found behavior problems beginning to creep up. Is your dog simply going through a phase or is it time to return to training? Ask yourself the following questions to help you make a plan of […]

Should Dog Owners Become Certified Dog Trainers?


Many dog lovers bring a pet home with little idea of how to make them Good Canine Citizens for themselves and the neighborhood. Often the only thought is how cute they are and how funny their behavior is. These pleasant feelings can change quickly as the dog grows and becomes more active. Unless you understand […]

Best Breeds for a K-9 Dog


There are multiple jobs available for working dogs, and they come in all shapes and sizes. One of those jobs is being a police dog, commonly known as a K-9 dog. These dogs are known for protecting, search and rescue, as well as drug sniffing. Not just any breed of dog is suited for this […]

Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer – Is it for You?


The career of a dog trainer begins with special knowledge concerning animal behavior. When added to practical teaching skills, you have a winning combination. Not everyone is suited to becoming a professional dog trainer, but those who are can enjoy a long and productive life with the animals they love. Good communication skills are required for anyone […]

The Meaning of a K-9 Dog


Wait, why are they called K-9s? In most English-speaking countries a police dog is called a K-9 dog. These are dogs that are specifically trained to help law-enforcement. K-9 is a homophone of the word canine. A K-9 dog’s duties range from searching for narcotics and explosives, finding crime scene evidence, attacking criminals and locating […]