Best Breeds for a K-9 Dog


There are multiple jobs available for working dogs, and they come in all shapes and sizes. One of those jobs is being a police dog, commonly known as a K-9 dog. These dogs are known for protecting, search and rescue, as well as drug sniffing. Not just any breed of dog is suited for this work, see which breeds make the list that are best at being a K-9 dog, but also are a family protector.

It’s important to know what goes into making a good K-9 dog while they are on duty. There are different favorable traits a breed should have based on the job they will be performing. For a dog who will be protecting, the dog should be sturdy stature, be able to run fast, strong, smart and follow commands. A breed that does search and rescue along with narcotics will need a good sense of smell and can easily be trained. Dogs who perform scent tracking help out where human senses are not as strong.

Whether you are looking for a breed for a K-9 unit or for family protection, this list below will provide you guidance on the top breeds for K-9 training.

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