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Family Breeds

Labs, Frenchies, Rottweilers and more! Available for detection, companionship, obedience, CGC, family pet


Pointers, Vizsla and more! Available for detection, companionship, obedience, CGC, family pet


Available for protection, dual-purpose, patrol, detection, companionship, obedience, CGC/Urban CGC


Available for protection, dual-purpose, patrol, detection, companionship, obedience, CGC/Urban CGC

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Advantages Of Purchasing A Young Trained Dog

There are several advantages to purchasing a young, trained dog from Man-K9! Here are some of the benefits:


Training a dog from a young age requires a significant time commitment and effort. By purchasing a trained dog, you can skip the initial training phase and have a dog that already understands basic commands, house manners, and possibly even some advanced skills. This can save you a substantial amount of time and energy.

Immediate Integration:

A trained dog can seamlessly integrate into your household and lifestyle. They are already familiar with living indoors, walking on a leash, and interacting with people and other animals. The purchase of a trained dog from Man-K9 includes private lessons to integrate your new pup into your life! This makes the transition smoother and allows you to enjoy the companionship of a well-behaved dog right away.

Confidence In Behavior:

When you purchase a young, trained dog, you must have a clearer understanding of their behavior and temperament. Trained dogs have already undergone socialization, which helps ensure they are comfortable and well-behaved in various situations. This can provide you with confidence and peace of mind knowing that the dog you’re bringing home has been trained and assessed for good behavior.


Trained dogs have established behavior patterns and responses to commands. This predictability allows you to anticipate their actions and behavior, making it easier to manage them and ensure their safety. It also facilitates effective communication between you and your dog, fostering a stronger bond.

Specific Skills:

Depending on the level of training, a trained dog may possess specific skills or be trained for specific tasks. For example, they might be trained as service dogs, emotional support dogs, or therapy dogs. If you have a particular need or desire for a dog with specialized skills, purchasing a young, trained dog can provide you with a ready-made partner for those specific activities or purposes.

Reduced Behavioral Issues:

A trained dog is less likely to exhibit common behavioral issues such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, or aggression. By purchasing a young trained dog, you can avoid or minimize these problems, as they have already been addressed during their training.

It’s important to note that purchasing a young trained dog may involve a higher upfront cost compared to getting an untrained or older dog. However, the advantages of having a well-trained companion from the start can outweigh the initial investment for many dog owners.

Upcoming Litters
(New Litters coming Soon!)

Announcement of an upcoming 2024 summer litter from german shepherds man-k9 "blu" and "cheetah".
Two rottweilers featured in an announcement for a summer 2024 litter.
Two german shepherd dogs featured in an announcement for a planned fall 2024 litter.
A golden retriever sitting next to a sign announcing a planned winter litter for 2024 from the breeding pair "teddy" and "maggie" by ultimate-man-k9 dog training.

Puppies Available

(View Upcoming Litters for more breed variety)
We also train dogs

Purchase a Puppy from Man K9
and Get These Lifetime Discounts

Lifetime discount of


Family Trained Dogs

Our trained dogs range from 6 months old to 4 years old. They come with the following:

  • Our trained dogs’ ages range from 6 months to 4 years.
  • All vaccines up to date: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella
  • Certificate of Obedience Level
  • Free private lesson on pick up or delivery (number of free lessons depends on the obedience level of the dog.)
  • Free lifetime phone consultation.
  • Discounts on all of the following services for your newly Trained Family Dog: Boarding, Bathing, and Daycare

Level One
Ultimate Companion Dog

Great dog for a family who is simply desiring a pet dog to be a companion for the family whose lifestyle is a low activity lifestyle.

A Level one dog is ideal a family which is searching for a house dog that will obey basic commands in the house or on a neighborhood stroll. Our Companion Dog is trained on the following commands on leash: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come.

Golden Retriever named Maggie sitting on grass in front of a green fence. Text on the image: "MAN-K9 'MAGGIE' Golden Retriever.

Level Two
Active Family Dog

Ideal for a family who likes to take their dog outdoors and enjoy life with a more active family. If you need a dog who is trained for the outdoor lifestyle the Active dog is the perfect dog for you. The Active Dog is Trained to respond to the basic obedience commands on a leash in a public setting.

Level Three
Good Citizen Dog

A companion for the outdoors family. This dog has successfully passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification. Our Good Citizen dog is an excellent companion for the person who loves the outdoor life. This canine will obey on and off leash inside the house as well as out in town.

Out Of State Dog Delivery

Out of state delivery, Man-K9 currently services the lower 48 states, UK, as well as Canada.

BG - Puppy

Travel expenses will be calculated upon delivery date, as well as delivery style ( Dog Trainer, Dog Nanny, Dog Transport).

Man-K9 in home delivery includes drop off of your new furry friend directly at your home, including a transfer lesson to ensure you properly can communicate with your pup upon our trainers departure.

Man-K9 takes care of the hassle of getting your new companion home. No need for flight planning, rental cars, or arranging hotels, Man-K9 takes care of it all. Once a date has been confirmed, Man-K9 will arrange all of the travel dates to ensure your pup gets there safely. 

Man-K9 delivery includes a personalized lesson at your home to allow the dog to adjust at a quicker pace, and allow you to communicate with your dog instantly.

The lesson is between 2-3 hours depending on how the day is arranged. You can request the trainer to set up an additional day of training at an additional cost.

Upon the exit of our trainer, you can still reach our office to get in contact with any of our team of experts for any assistance needed.

All Man-K9 Pre-Trained companions will come with their own ET Mini Educator E-collar, bungee strap, personalized binder including xrays, up to date vaccinations,health history, training manual, and a transitional bag of food. All formulas of Inukshuk Dog Food is available for purchase on 

Man-K9 can provide all training equipment upon drop off at an additional cost.

Man-K9 recommends meeting your future pup prior to going home to ensure you mesh well with your future pup, but if unable to make the trip Man-K9 offers video chats with our team of experts to go over any questions you have to put your mind at ease. During the call you will be able to see the dog’s true personality, and go over any questions with our staff.

We also train dogs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Trained Dogs for Sale in San Diego, CA:


What types of trained dogs are available for sale at Man-K9?

Labrador retrievers, French bulldogs, Rottweilers, Pointers, Vizslas, Belgian Malinois, and German shepherds are just a few of the breeds available at Man-K9. These canines can serve a wide variety of roles, including those of a detection dog, service dog, family pet, guard dog, or patrol dog.


What are the advantages of purchasing a young, trained dog from Man-K9?

  • What you get when you buy a trained dog from Man-K9:
  • Dogs ranging from 6 months to 3 years old
  • Up-to-date vaccines
  • Certificate of Obedience Level
  • Free private lesson on pick up or delivery (number of lessons varies by obedience level)
  • Free lifetime phone consultation
  • Discounts on services like boarding, bathing dog food, and daycare


Can I find dogs that aren’t listed on the website?

Yes! There may be dogs undergoing training with Man-K9 that aren’t yet shown on the website. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re having trouble finding a suitable partner for your way of life.


How can I contact Man-K9 to learn more or schedule a visit?

All meet and greets, whether with the trainers or to meet your future pet companion, must be scheduled. We are available 7 Days a week! Just call or email to set up a time!

  • Address: 5050 Santa Fe St., San Diego, CA 92109
  • Phone: (760) 468-8830
  • Email:


What breeds are available as trained dogs at Man-K9?

At Man-K9, you can choose from a wide range of dog breeds and levels of training, including Labrador retrievers, French bulldogs, Rottweilers, Pointers, Vizslas, Belgian Malinois, and German Shepherds.


Can you provide more information about the Private Protection Dogs you offer?

Our Private Protection Dogs are available in a range of protection specializations to meet the demands of your household. These dogs can do anything from serve as a deterrent to actively attack intruders. Get in touch with us so that we can learn more about your unique security requirements and help you find the best solution.


What is the process for reserving and purchasing a trained dog from Man-K9?

A 50% down payment initiates the procedure. The dog will be held for you after the deposit is received. The remaining balance will be collected the week upon the pet going home. Please get in touch with us so that we can have a conversation and get the ball rolling on this.


Can I visit Man-K9’s facility to meet the available trained dogs in person?

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our trained dogs, we welcome you to book a visit to our facility. This way, you can meet the dogs in person, watch how they act, and determine which one is the greatest fit for your family and way of life. Get in touch with us so that we can schedule a convenient time for you to come.


What are the advantages of purchasing a young, trained dog from Man-K9?

There are several benefits to buying a young, trained dog from Man-K9:

  • Saves time because you don’t have to go through the tedious process of learning the basics all over again.
  • Trained canines can immediately fit in with your family and routine.
  • Dogs that have received proper training and socialization can inspire confidence in their behavior.
  • Trained canines can be relied upon to consistently display the same responses and patterns of behavior.
  • Trained canines may be able to perform a variety of unique jobs because of their training.
  • Trained dogs are less likely to display typical behavioral issues.


What are the different obedience levels for trained dogs?

There are three tiers of obedience available from Man-K9-trained canines.

Level One - The Ultimate Companion Dog: This dog is well-behaved in public and can follow simple directions while on a leash.

Level Two - Active Family Dog: Suited for outdoor-loving families, obeys basic commands in public settings on leash.

Level Three - Good Citizen Dog: Passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification, obeys expert commands on and off leash.


What if I’m interested in a protection-trained dog?

Man-K9 provides four tiers of protection-trained canines to meet the varied requirements of customers. Alarm dogs are the first line of defense against unwanted visitors, while Contact K9s are trained to physically approach intruders.


Are there discounts available for purchasing a trained dog from Man-K9?

You can save 10% on Inukshuk Professional Dog Food, carried by Fon Jon Pet Care, for the rest of your dog’s life when you buy it from Man-K9. All of Fon Jon Pet Care’s services (boarding, creche, grooming) as well as all of Man-K9’s (private lessons, board and train programs, protection training, obedience training, etc.) will be discounted as well.


How do I integrate my newly purchased trained dog into my household?

Man-K9 includes special training sessions with the purchase of a trained dog to assist the new owner adjust to life with their new best friend. You and your dog will benefit much from these lessons as you work towards a harmonious introduction.


Are the trained dogs spayed/neutered before purchase?

While most of our adult family dogs are fixed prior to going home, there are some dogs that may not be yet fixed due to age, breed, or purpose.


Are the trained dogs spayed/neutered before purchase?

While most of our adult family dogs are fixed prior to going home, there are some dogs that may not be yet fixed due to age, breed, or purpose.


Are the trained dogs socialized with other animals and people?

Absolutely. All of our trained dogs have had extensive socialization to ensure they are friendly and polite among other creatures great and small. This contributes to the maintenance of peace and calm in a variety of social contexts.

Feel free to ask more questions or request extra help if you need it.

Police K9s for Sale

A Dutch Shepherd police K9 named Angel, sitting beside a person. The text notes that it's for police K9 department inquiries only.

Sold Police K9s

A german shepherd named "eko" stands on a grassy area with agility equipment in the background, labeled 'sold' in the image.
Black Fire

We also sell
Personal Protection dogs

Man-K9 offers four levels of protection-trained dogs. Because we know that every family’s protection needs are unique, we offer K9s at different levels of training. From a strong, Alarm Dog to deter an intruder, to a dependable Contact K9 that will physically confront a home invader. 

Protection Dogs For Sale

Dogs we’ve sold

A dog sitting on grass with a raised paw.
A german shepherd puppy lying on artificial grass with a "sold" overlay, and text indicating it's named "lady" from man-k9.
A belgian malinois dog named "adex" is seated on a green surface, with playground equipment in the background and a label indicating "sold.
A wirehair pointer dog named "chelsea" stands on grass with a "sold" label, tongue out, next to a water bowl and a metal barrel.
A belgian malinois dog named "bailey" sits on grass, leashed, with a "sold" label overlaying the image.
A german wirehair pointer named "dude" on a leash, with a caption stating "sold" under the logo "man-k9." the dog sits in front of a green and white barrier, looking at the camera.
A red fox labrador named "summer" sitting on a green surface with a "sold" label prominently displayed at the bottom.
A german shepherd named "shadow" lying on green turf with a "sold" label on the image.
Custom Dogs

Not seeing a dog
that matches your lifestyle?

At Man-K9, we have plenty of dogs being trained in our program that aren’t yet listed for the public! If you have a dog you’re currently in search of, feel free to contact us and we can set you up with your perfect companion.


The perfect fit for the family looking for an obedient playmate. Has knowledge of basic commands and capacity for lots of love.


Has been exposed to the outside world, thrives on a leash, whether it be on an outdoor run or walk to a local coffee shop. Will follow basic commands and won’t ever tug on the leash.


Stay in control of your dog on or off leash. This dog has successfully passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification, making it a safe, reliable dog for any circumstance. Will respond to expert commands and will be reliable in public settings off-leash.

Puppy Litters Update As Of 05/10/2024

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