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From Green Security K-9s to obedience-trained Family Dogs, Man K-9 has the partner you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn about our available dogs and schedule a visit.

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Available Breeds


Belgian Malinois

Available for protection, dual-purpose, patrol, detection, companionship, obedience, CGC/Urban CGC


German Shephards

Available for protection, dual-purpose, patrol, detection, companionship, obedience, CGC/Urban CGC


Popular Family

Labs, Frenchies, Rottweilers and more! Available for detection, companionship, obedience, CGC, family pet



Pointers, Vizsla and more! Available for detection, companionship, obedience, CGC, family pet

Puppies for Sale by Man-K9

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Belgian Malinois:
$2500 + 7.75% tax

$650, Remainder due at pick-up


Labrador Retriever:
$2700 + 7.75% tax

$650, Remainder due at pick-up

German Shepherd:
$2600 + 7.75%tax

$650, Remainder due at pick-up

$3200 + 7.75% tax

$650, Remainder due at pick-up

Update as of 06/11/2022:

  • Labrador Retriever Litter Due July 2022!
  • Belgian Malinois Litter Planned Fall 2022
  • Rottweiler Litter Planned Fall 2022
  • German Shepherd Puppies available today!

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Lifetime discount of 10% on:

  • Inukshuk Professional Dog Food distributed by Fon Jon Pet Care.
  • All Fon Jon Pet Care services:
    Boarding, Daycare and Grooming
  • Dog Training through Man-K9:
    Private lessons, board and train programs, personal protection, basic, intermediate and advanced obedience, and more!
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Family Trained Dogs

Our trained dogs range from 6 months old to 4 years old. They come with the following:
  • Our trained dogs ages range from 6 months to 4 years.
  • All vaccines up to date: Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella
  • Certificate of Obedience Level
  • Free private lesson on pick up or delivery (number of free lessons depend on the obedience level of dog.)
  • Free lifetime phone consultation.
  • Discounts on all of the following services for your new Trained Family Dog:
    Boarding, Bathing and Daycare

Level One
Ultimate Companion Dog

Great dog for a family who is simply desiring a pet dog to be a companion for the family whom life style is a low activity life style.

A Level one dog is ideal a family which is searching for a house dog that will obey basic commands in the house or on a neighborhood stroll. Our Companion Dog is trained on the following commands on leash: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come.

Deasy is a sweet, Female, 1yr old Black Labrador for sale!

Level Two
Active Family Dog

Ideal for a family who likes to take their dog to the outdoor and enjoy life with a more active family. If you need a dog who is trained for the outdoor life style the Active dog is the perfect dog for you. The Active Dog is Trained to respond to the basic obedience commands on leash in a public setting.

Congratulations to the McCoy Family on their purchase of Menchi!

Level Three
Good Citizen Dog

A companion for the outdoors family. This dog has successfully passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification. Our Good Citizen dog is a excellent companion for the person who loves the outdoor life. This canine will obey on and off leash inside the house as well as out in town.

Ricky a gorgeous 1 1/2  year old, Male, Golden Retriever available today!

Trained Family Dogs

Family Companion

The perfect fit for the family looking for an obedient playmate. Has knowledge of basic commands and capacity for lots of love.

Active Family Dog

Has been exposed to the outside world, thrives on a leash, whether it be on an outdoor run or walk to a local coffee shop. Will follow basic commands and won’t ever tug on the leash.

Good Citizen Dogs

Stay in control of your dog on or off leash. This dog has successfully passed the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Certification, making it a safe, reliable dog for any circumstance. Will respond to expert commands and will reliable in public settings off leash.

Man-K9 offers four levels of protection trained dogs. Because we know that every family’s protection needs are unique, we offer K9s at different levels of training. From a strong, Alarm Dog to deter an intruder, to a dependable Contact K9 that will physically confront a home invader. The following are the four levels of K9s we offer:

  • Home Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Elite K9

For more information regarding our K9s, please contact us directly and we will be able to provide detailed information and advice on the perfect K9 to suit your personal and/or family protection needs.

Man-K9 focuses on the quality of dogs, not quantity. This enables us to provide optimum personalized training. Unlike other companies, Man-K9’s personal protection dogs are not kennel dogs. Instead, they interact with a “training” family. This type of home environment enables the dog to adjust to different environments and situations so it remains dependable both in and out of the home.

With Man-K9, your desire to have a loving companion and a courageous protector for your family is a reality. Our protection dogs give you “peace of mind” knowing your family will be safe at home. Matching up the right protection dog and family ensures success and happiness.

The Man-K9 team professionally tests, selects and trains police dogs. Their keen eye in locating the perfect police dog transcends to finding the ideal family protection dog. While procuring good genetics and a friendly temperament, our dogs also demonstrate high levels of courage and confidence.

Additionally, female clients who once jogged alone on park trails have turned to Man-K9 Personal Protection Dogs to ward off any potential threat of personal attacks.

Man-K9 Personal Protection Dogs exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Specially selected dog over a year of age
  • Balanced protection drives
  • Exposure to real life environments (not only a training field)
  • Obedience trained
  • Obstacle and agility trained
  • Home protection skills
  • Personal protection
  • Family loyalty

K9 Rocky: Available Today!

Personal Protection Dog For Sale

2 year old Belgian Malinois 

Great addition to any family!


K9 Jay : SOLD!

Family Protection Dog For Sale

3 years old German Shepherd

Great addition to any family!

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