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Civilian Emotional Support Dog Certification

Any breed of dog can be an emotional support animal, big or small!

Your dog can earn a Man-K9 certificate for obedience, social manners, and social skills after completing a package of at least 4 private lessons with the dog, owner, and trainer at our facility.

Packages start at $650, depending on the level of training the dog already has. The package includes the certificates for:




Each certificate must be paired with a letter from a health practitioner stating that the owner has an emotional or mental conditioning requiring the assistance of a dog to alleviate some of their symptoms. We cannot call a dog an emotional support dog without the letter from the health practitioner.

Support Dog Training for Police Departments, Organizations, Fire Departments, and Hospitals:

Emotional Support Dogs are great for going to high stress calls such as fires, car accidents, incidents involving children, etc. Emotional support dogs aid in building morale around the office or organization.

Emotional support dogs can be used to support victims after trauma, to walk around briefings and reduce stress, to boost morale in offices around the organization, and help people in medical facilities.

“Petting dogs reduces stress. Fact. Pets are scientifically proven to help reduce stress, depression and anxiety. When interacting with pets, especially cats or dogs, our bodies release the stress-reducing hormone Oxytocin, which helps us to feel more relaxed.”

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Earn a Man-K9 certificate for obedience, social manners, and social skills after completing a package of at least 4 private lessons with the dog, owner, and trainer at our facility.
Social Manners
Social Skills

If you are in need of an emotional support dog to train, our expertly trained staff can pair your organization with the correct dog.

The dogs start at $9700 plus tax depending on the level of training. Our training options include in-house obedience training or obedience training classes with your dog.

Available Dogs For
Emotional Support Training:

These available dogs are great candidates for people or departments looking for emotional support dogs!

Emotional Support Dog FAQs


What kind of training do the dogs get to become an emotional support dog?

All Emotional Support Animals are trained with on-leash obedience, heel, sit, down, stay, a bed command, and an off-leash recall. The dogs are also trained in on-leash obedience with distractions and public settings and crowded areas such as home depot, target, etc.


Is there a certification for Emotional Support Dogs?

All Emotional Support Animals Trained by Man-K9 will receive a Sub-Novice Certification, and a Novice Obedience Certification, plus AKC, CGC, & CGCA, and AKC urban CGC.


How much do trained Emotional Support Dogs cost?

Emotional Support Dogs start at $5,500, for additional training such as full off-leash costs will increase.


Can I select the dog and the breed for my trained Emotional Support Dog?

We have different breeds and ages are different times. We select dogs based on their genetics and temperament so it is difficult to say if we will have a specific gender/breed/age/color at the time a client calls. We will try our best to accommodate any requests but it may not be feasible.


Do you deliver emotional support dogs to other parts of the state or country?

We do deliver dogs out of state. We charge a delivery starting at starting at $1500 depending on the location of the client.


Can I order a dog from another state and come pick it up?

Absolutely, we do require a 50% deposit of the dog’s purchase price when reserving a dog out of state. This deposit will put a hold on the dog for 30 days.


There are several advantages to purchasing a young, trained dog from Man-K9! Here are some of the benefits:

  • Time-Saving: Training a dog from a young age requires a significant time commitment and effort. By purchasing a trained dog, you can skip the initial training phase and have a dog that already understands basic commands, house manners, and possibly even some advanced skills. This can save you a substantial amount of time and energy.
  • Immediate Integration: A trained dog can seamlessly integrate into your household and lifestyle. They are already familiar with living indoors, walking on a leash, and interacting with people and other animals. The purchase of a trained dog from Man-K9 includes private lessons to integrate your new pup into your life! This makes the transition smoother and allows you to enjoy the companionship of a well-behaved dog immediately.
  • Confidence in Behavior: When you purchase a young, trained dog, you have a clearer understanding of their behavior and temperament. Trained dogs have already undergone socialization, which helps ensure they are comfortable and well-behaved in various situations. This can provide you with confidence and peace of mind knowing that the dog you’re bringing home has been trained and assessed for good behavior.
  • Predictability: Trained dogs have established behavior patterns and responses to commands. This predictability allows you to anticipate their actions and behavior, making it easier to manage them and ensure their safety. It also facilitates effective communication between you and your dog, fostering a stronger bond.
  • Specific Skills: Depending on the level of training, a trained dog may possess specific skills or be trained for specific tasks. For example, they might be trained as service dogs, emotional support dogs, or therapy dogs. If you have a particular need or desire for a dog with specialized skills, purchasing a young, trained dog can provide you with a ready-made partner for those specific activities or purposes.
  • Reduced Behavioral Issues: A trained dog is less likely to exhibit common behavioral issues such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, or aggression. By purchasing a young trained dog, you can avoid or minimize these problems, as they have already been addressed during their training.
  • It’s important to note that purchasing a young trained dog may involve a higher upfront cost compared to getting an untrained or older dog. However, the advantages of having a well-trained companion from the start can outweigh the initial investment for many dog owners.

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