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We have Trained Labrador Puppies for Sale

Here are our amazing Labrador Retrievers, raised to bring you endless moments of joy and unwavering companionship! These adorable little puppies have been bred and skillfully raised to be the perfect partners, always eager to please and always ready to serve. Here are just a few of the amazing talents our Labradors possess:

Whether they are on a leash or not, our Labradors are the model of obedience. You may be surprised with how well they follow instructions!

Our Labradors will always be perfect gentlemen, no matter where you take them. They carry themselves as gentlemen and women everywhere they go, and they always do you proud.

These wonderful pups have been exposed to a wide range of social situations since we know the importance of socialization. Their ability to maintain composure under pressure is a testament to the quality of their training.

Because of their rigorous socialization and training, our Labradors are shining examples of well behaved dogs. They’ll learn a high level of obedience and become the best pets anyone could ask for!

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Labrador Puppies for Sale

Visit us to see the amazing Labrador puppies we have available, all of which have been thoroughly socialized and are just ready to find their permanent homes. We guarantee that your new pet will be a joy because we only sell well-mannered and compliant pets.

Our Labrador puppies are not only wonderful additions to any home, but they also make excellent students. We have the right match for you, whether you need a service dog, an emotional support companion, or a devoted guardian. Check out all the available choices and select the one that’s best for you.

Learn what it’s like to love a puppy again when you bring home one of our expertly trained Labrador retrievers. They will be faithful to you for the rest of their lives, giving you many moments of love and happiness. Our puppies will easily integrate into your life, bringing with them a lifetime of joy and unforgettable experiences.

As our pups form an unbreakable link with you, you may look forward to a lifetime of happiness, devotion, and amazing experiences. Explore the profiles below to meet the person who will become your best friend and share in all the fun you have to offer.

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$2300 + Tax ~$650 Deposit




Meet the Labrador…

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Breed Summary

Breed Group

Group 11: Labrador Retrievers belong to the "Gun Dog" breed group, which is known for their excellent retrieving and hunting abilities.


11-C: Retrievers and Waterdogs

Origin Country

Labrador Retrievers originate from Newfoundland and were brought to England in the early 1800s.

Other Name(S)

Lab, Labrador Retriever, Labrador


Males typically weigh between 65-80 pounds, while females weigh around 55-70 pounds.


Males stand at a height of 22.5-24.5 inches, while females are usually 21.5-23.5 inches tall.

Breed Type

Labrador Retrievers are a pure breed, renowned for their friendly nature and versatility as family pets, service dogs, and working dogs.


The Labrador Retriever, a much-loved breed, has a rich and varied history that spans decades. Its ancestors were absolutely necessary for the fishermen and hunters of Newfoundland, Canada, to make it through the cold and snowy winters.

The province of Labrador, which borders Newfoundland, is the dog’s birthplace, and the name “Labrador Retriever” was coined to recognize both the dog’s burgeoning popularity and its birthplace. The breed skyrocketed to fame because to its extraordinary skill at hunting and retrieving game, in particular waterfowl.

Breeders and lovers of Labrador Retrievers have attempted to enhance the breed as it has become famous for its field skills. Selective breeding protocols have been established to maintain and improve the breed’s distinctive characteristics, such as its sociability, intelligence, and unwavering devotion.

Labradors’ popularity quickly grew beyond of the hunting community. Their intelligence and trainability have made them invaluable in industries such as search and rescue, disability aid, and rehabilitation. Their versatility and eagerness to please quickly earned them a reputation as a top choice for any type of house.

The Labrador Retriever is now among the most popular dog breeds in the world. Dogs’ incredible flexibility, unwavering loyalty, and friendly demeanor continue to endear them to people all around the world. As a reliable hunting partner, doting family pet, and outstanding working dog, the Labrador Retriever has left an indelible mark on the hearts of dog lovers throughout the world.

Breed Characteristics


The Labrador's head is proportionately large and powerful looking. It has a flat top and is roughly in the shape of a somewhat wide and almost extended wedge. There is no extra skin or creases on the head. It has a pretty face with a slightly developed forehead, brow, and cheekbones.


The Labrador's ears are about average in size, triangular in shape, and point forward from the skull. When the dog is attentive, they snap to a vertical position. The ears are the perfect length, aren't too big, and aren't damaged in any way.


Labradors have medium-sized eyes that are oval to almond in form and set at an angle, lending the dog an air of intelligence and kindness. They are a rich brown shade, with well-defined and black rims around the eyes. There is never any protrusion of the eyeballs, and the orbital sockets always offer adequate safety.


Labradors have a rather long, well-developed muzzle. It gradually narrows toward the nose, giving the head a wedge shape. There is good bone substance in both the upper and lower jaws, and the muzzle is either straight or slightly convex. There is no sign of hostility or weakness, and the wide-open mouth reveals a full set of molars at the very rear.


The Labrador's nose is highly pigmented and can be either black or self-colored. The nasal passages are wide open, providing a heightened sense of smell.


The ability to hold one's head high requires a neck that is both long and strong. The transition from the wider body to the narrower head is seamless. There is no flab on the throat or dewlap around the neck.


The Labrador's chest is deep and wide, giving plenty of room without ever being wider than it is deep. The brisket goes all the way up to the forearms.


The Labrador's body is strong and sturdy, and it has plenty of substance without ever looking bulky or coarse. They are nimble and resilient, able to engage in physically demanding pursuits without appearing slovenly. A well-balanced appearance is achieved by having forequarter and hindquarter widths that are roughly similar to one another.

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Labradors have small, oval to round feet with well-arched toes and robust pads.


Labradors have a lively and productive gait, which they combine with grace and boundless agility. Their forelegs and hind pasterns stay parallel to one another while they move, demonstrating a well-balanced build. When viewed from in front, the forelegs should be completely parallel. When the back legs are extended, the back pads should be visible from behind. The arms and legs move closer to the body's midline as speed increases. From whatever angle, the ridgeline is stable and uniform. The Labrador's forepaw may extend in a straight line to the snout, demonstrating the dog's impressive front reach. Extending both the forefoot and the hindfoot to their full breadth demonstrates equilibrium, reach, and propulsion.


The Labrador's tail is an organic extension of the topline and is carried neither high nor low on the croup. It tapers from its thickest point to its thinnest. No matter the dog's disposition or level of activity, its tail is never tucked or carried over its back. When held down, it reaches to or below the hock joints and can be either straight or mildly bent at the end.


Labradors have an optimistic, courageous, energetic, vigilant, and dedicated personality. They're great in the field and make wonderful pets because of their intelligence and agility. They have the ability to be very watchful and protective of their families. They need to be trained, socialized, and mentally stimulated to ensure their happiness and good behavior. The breed is not known for displaying typical characteristics, such as hostility or fear of humans. Labradors prosper when they are cared for by responsible loving owners who give them affection, structure, and a meaningful mission in life.

About the Labrador

The Labrador is a favorite among dog owners because of its large size, friendly demeanor, and unique appearance. From its adorable puppyhood to its majestic adulthood, the Labrador retriever has the charisma to capture hearts.

Labradors are a type of canine that can be huge or medium in size. Adults can grow to be between 21.5 and 24.5 inches tall and 55 and 80 pounds heavy; as puppies, they are adorable and loving. This type is the sweet spot between agility and strength, making it suitable for a wide range of occupations.

Labradors are easily recognizable by their powerful build. Their wide chest reveals the strength and vitality that resides within them. These qualities make them ideal working dogs for situations ranging from search and rescue to humanitarian help to general fieldwork.

Labradors require regular grooming due to their dense, short coat. Coats look and feel best when they are brushed once or twice weekly. You can reduce the likelihood of mats forming and enjoy quality time with your Labrador all at once. Establishing a routine of frequent grooming from the time they are young puppies works wonders for the trust and connection between pet and owner.

The temperament and friendliness of Labrador Retrievers are legendary. They’re well-liked by others for their pleasant demeanor and willingness to help. They are reliable pets for households of all ages because of their calm nature. Because of their high degree of trainability and intelligence, they are in high demand for use as service dogs, therapy dogs, and canine sports competitors.

If you provide your Labrador with the finest possible environment, nutrition, and activity, he or she should live for 10 to 14 years. They provide their owners with a lifetime of joy, laughter, and fond memories.

Labradors are a favorite among dog owners despite their large size, temperament, and unique grooming needs. Because of its adaptability as a pet, buddy, and companion, the Labrador has quickly become one of the most popular dog breeds.

Personal And Family Protection Dogs

We offer Labradors that have been specially trained by our team to defend individuals and families. These dogs get extensive training to ensure they are able keep your family safe.

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Emotional Support Dogs

Labradors can also be trained as emotional support dogs and are available to those who could benefit from their companionship. Loyal and caring dogs like these are very beneficial to their human counterparts' physical and mental health.

Service Dogs

Our facility offers Labradors that have completed rigorous training to become service dogs, which can be of tremendous assistance to those with mobility or sensory problems. Dogs like these have been trained to help the disabled in various ways making them the perfect partner for those in need of assistance.

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Our Testimonials

Kaitlynn Aguirre

In May 2021, I got our beautiful little princess a Rottweiler named Lily. Man-K9 has been there from the beginning and continues to train, love, and help take care of Lily in the best ways possible. I highly recommend working with Man-K9 for all your dog training needs.

Bonnie Inglis

I wanted a trained companion dog that would be able to adjust to our family life. With two young kids and two cats that had not been around dogs, it was important to me to find just the right dog. Not only did they raise up the perfect addition to our family, they have done a wonderful job training us how to handle him properly. He is just the best and has impeccable manners.

Joey Salowich

I got my German Shepherd puppy from Man-K9 and now I have a best friend for years to come! I couldn’t be happier with how simple/easy they made the whole process and they give such great detailed instructions and tips on how to best take care of your pup! Not to mention my dog from Man-K9 is absolutely beautiful and well-behaved. Couldn’t be more pleased with my puppy from Man-K9 and would gladly do business with them again in the future!

Hamp Atkinson

Laurie at Man-K9 is the BEST! We got our lab puppy, Marley, from them and Laurie was there for us from start to finish! We will be coming back for training soon! Thank you Laurie and thank you Man-K9!

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