Trained Guard and Protection Dogs for Sale

Trained Protection Dogs

When is comes to police, protection and security dogs, only consider a company that has trained dogs to be proficient in real life scenarios. Our competitors have neither the knowledge nor experience in how to select or train a dog for real deployments. We are true dog trainers trusted by real, police agencies, as seen in the photo to the left.

Trained Protection Dogs For Sale


Blend of the loving companion, but capable of intruder deterrent. Will alert the family of any intruder and will intimidate the trespasser.


Will defend their family against any aggressor. Will not back down to a physical challenge. Trained to make contact with offender provide first line of defense against any threats to your family 24 hours a day.


The perfect home companion. Will be sweet and snuggly at home, personal body guard against all others. Will guard at home or on the street. Aware of his surrounding and willing to confront any threat.


Our strongest and most confident K9 available. Its unparalleled confidence and courage is a true defender that can’t be intimidated by any challenge. Selected for their genetic temperament of stability and confidence to serve. Provide yourself and your family with confidence of safety by having this companion in your home.

Should You Consider Protection Dog Training for Your Dog?

As crime increases, so does the amount of attention paid to having a protection dog as part of the family. The reason for this is that people are often not willing to keep firearms in their homes. They also understand that having a four-legged member of the family around to protect the ones they love adds greater peace of mind in these uncertain times. Alarm systems are one thing, but the presence of a living, breathing, well trained guardian on duty 24 hours a day brings greater comfort to many, particularly when added to an already existing alarm system.
You may be wondering if you should consider protection dog training for a dog you already know and love. There is good reason for that question, because a dog that has been raised in a family typically has an instinctive sense of responsibility toward those he or she loves. They would realistically do whatever they can to protect the members of their pack.
Pros And Cons of Having a Protection Dog.


Family protection is the number one reason most people choose to have a protection dog in their home. Along with protecting those you love, it is also important to ensure your possessions are safe as well. A well-trained protection dog will not allow anyone into your home unless they are welcomed by you or someone else and have permission to be there. They will alert you to the presence of anyone approaching or entering so that you can take appropriate action or command them to do so.


Whenever the subject of protection dogs comes up, it is almost certain for the topic of cost to be introduced into the conversation. It is not unusual for a fully trained 2 years old obedience and protection dog to cost around $20,000. Of course, there will be ongoing costs associated with the animal, but any pet owner will incur those costs as well. The initial investment can be reduced if you are involved with at least a portion of the training.


There is also the cost of insurance to be considered by anyone intending to avail themselves of the benefits of owning a protection dog. As with anything else you own, like your house or vehicle, insuring your dog against any real or perceived liability should be considered a necessary part of the equation. It is not good enough to assume that your homeowner’s or business insurance already has you covered in case your dog bites or attacks someone. Some may pay a claim and then drop your policy.

Nevertheless, it is possible to locate a reputable insurance company to provide appropriate coverage for your protection dog without spending a fortune. However, you might have to do some digging to find it.

So, if you are wondering whether or not to train your dog as a protection dog, there is likely good reason for the consideration. If you find that you are fearful that something could happen while you are away from the family, why not go ahead and get more information about this possibility from a reputable and qualified personal protection dog trainer such as Man k-9’s Manuel Villanueva who has over 30 years of experience in the field. Feel free to contact Man K-9 in San Diego County by calling 760-468-8830. You won’t regret learning more, and they can set your mind at ease over the prospect.

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