Belgian Malinois


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Capo is an extraordinary 2-year-old male Belgian Malinois with a blend of impressive skills and a heart full of love. Trained in personal protection, Capo is not only a vigilant guardian but also a gentle and affectionate family companion.

With his striking appearance and keen intelligence, Capo stands out as a top-tier protection dog. His rigorous training has honed his natural abilities, making him an unwavering protector who can respond quickly and effectively in any situation. Capo’s dedication to his role as a guardian is matched only by his loyalty to his family.

Despite his professional training, Capo is a sweetheart at home. His gentle nature and patient demeanor make him a wonderful companion for children. He understands the importance of being calm and protective, making him the perfect balance of guardian and friend. Capo thrives in a family environment where he can form strong bonds with both adults and kids, providing a sense of security and endless affection.

His ability to switch from vigilant protector to playful companion makes him an ideal addition to any household looking for both security and a loving pet.

If you’re searching for a loyal, well-trained protection dog who is also great with children, look no further than Capo. Come meet this exceptional dog today and experience the perfect combination of protection and companionship!

All Personal Protection Dogs are placed with tailored training. 

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