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Private Lessons

Lessons Obedience Trainer Sr. Trainer
Fon Villanueva
1 Lesson $130 $150
4 Week Course - 10% Discount $465 $540
6 Week Course- 15% Discount $665 $765
8 Week Course- 20% Discount $835 $960
10 Week Course- 25% Discount $975 $1125
In Home Lessons $370 $400

$25 rescheduling fee for no shows or cancellations / rescheduling less than one week in advance.

You are not limited to the four lessons, most clients opt to do 2-4 packages just depending on what your training goals with your pup are!

Single Private Lesson: A private one on one lesson with you, your pet, and the trainer. Each single lesson is one hour.
In-Home Lesson: In-home sessions are recommended if you are having behavioral problems at home such as charging at the front door, jumping on people, chewing, being overly protective toward the house, or you simply have a difficult time controlling a hyperactive dog.

Board & Training Programs

In-Home Lesson: Our basic obedience, private lessons are offered in packages of one hour lessons at our facility. These lessons are geared towards on and off leash obedience: sit, stay, down, come and heel and then we introduce people and other dogs as distractions. We will advance as much as you and your pup lets us! The more you practice, the sooner your dog advances! These lessons also cover: leash manners, pulling on the leash, excitement around other dogs/people, jumping, barking, potty training and more!

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the earliest lesson starting at 8am and the last lesson starting at 5pm.

Behavior Problem Solving W/ Fon Villanueva: Our behavior problem solving lessons are offered in packages of one hour lessons at our facility with our senior dog trainer and police dog trainer, Fon Villanueva. These lessons will be tailored to your specific dog and can cover: dog/people aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, fearful dogs, and more. You may also schedule with Fon by request for obedience, protection, and more.

Availability: Monday-Friday with the earliest lesson starting at 10am and the last lesson starting at 6pm.

Basic Obedience

Our One Week, Made For Basic Obedience.



Intermediate Obedience Program / Or Behavior Problem Solving

Our Two Week Program Is Our Intermediate Obedience Program / Or Behavior Problem Solving.



Advanced Obedience
With An E-Collar

Our Three Week Program Is Advanced Obedience W/ An E-Collar Included.

This Program Goes Over On And Off Leash For:



Police Training

Single Private Lessons

Police Training pricing can vary depending on your needs, please inquire for pricing.

Our Testimonials


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My wife of 48 years and I have a new Black Labrador male puppy. At 18 weeks he weighed 44 pounds – was out of control; jumping, nipping, chewing everything in Read more...

Sharla Serrano

I purchased a Dutch Shepherd puppy, during the pandemic lockdown. I attempted online and group training and failed! A friend, who works at a police department, urged me to call Man-K9. Read more...

Annie & Drew Drysdale

Man-K9 has made an unbelievable difference in our lives!! We took our 4-month-old Belgian Malinois in for training and she’s come away with great skills. Her obedience and ability to... Read more...

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