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Dog Chewing Furniture

Dog Behaviorist vs Dog Trainer

Let’s explore the differences between a ‘dog behaviorist’ and a ‘dog trainer’, and why each has its place in the wonderful world of canines Canines are a man’s (and woman’s) best friend, but many natural behaviors, such as chewing, digging, biting, scratching, running away, and

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The Effects of Emotional Support Dogs in the Work Place

Today, people are more stressed-out than ever before. On the heels of a now (mostly) under control global pandemic, rising inflation, increased household expenses, and more, we’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed. With the vast majority of us spending time in the workplace, employers have

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What to Expect from Puppy Training

Are you considering puppy training? The newest addition to your family does not come with an instruction manual. Puppies fill your home with happiness, joy and love. They also add chew marks to shoes and furniture, muddy paw prints to the rug and surprise puddles.

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Does Your Dog Need a Training Refresh?

You love your best friend. Your dog provides constant companionship, unwavering love and a daily dose of happiness. However, you may have found behavior problems beginning to creep up. Is your dog simply going through a phase or is it time to return to training? Ask yourself

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