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Home Safety: Family Protection Dogs

Why could you need a family protection dog? Did you know that 65% of convicted criminals say that if there had been a large, intimidating dog on the premises when they committed the crime they would have been scared away? Most homeowners are not aware of the

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Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer – Is it for You?

The career of a dog trainer begins with special knowledge concerning animal behavior. When added to practical teaching skills, you have a winning combination. Not everyone is suited to becoming a professional dog trainer, but those who are can enjoy a long and productive life with the

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Best Breeds for a K-9 Dog

There are multiple jobs available for working dogs, and they come in all shapes and sizes. One of those jobs is being a police dog, commonly known as a K-9 dog. These dogs are known for protecting, search and rescue, as well as drug sniffing.

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