Home Safety: Family Protection Dogs


Why could you need a family protection dog?

Did you know that 65% of convicted criminals say that if there had been a large, intimidating dog on the premises when they committed the crime they would have been scared away? Most homeowners are not aware of the fact that coupling today’s top security gadgets with the protective nature of a guard dog can effectively deter burglars.

What Makes Dogs Great Guardians?

Dogs are innately intuitive about the hierarchy of the family to which they belong. The Assyrians, Babylonians, and Greeks were the first to recognize that a dog’s devotion to its master could be used to their advantage for protection. Since that time, some breeds have earned a place in history for their special attributes for the job. As early as 1899, the German Shepherd became known as a much sought-after watchdog breed right here in the United States. Shortly after that, branches of the military and police departments of the early twentieth century started using them to serve the function of tracking; and they were good at the job with an olfactory system that is 10,000 more accurate than a human’s sense of smell. It is their keen sense of smell and hearing that makes dogs exceptionally suited to protection. Nevertheless, there are a few different areas of specialization that must be discussed when considering what you want from a protection dog.

  • Watch Dogs do not attack intruders, but intimidate them and offer verbal warnings such as barking and snarling. This version of protection dogs is often considered appropriate when there are small children in the home.
  • Guard Dogs, on the other hand, will charge threatening individuals and pin them down when commanded to do so. This is what makes them highly prized by military units and police departments. They can inflict considerable physical injury with just one bite and often render assailants unable to move or getaway. Although they can be vicious when performing their protective duties, they generally turn into gentle beasts with the family they trust.
  • Protection Dogs possess a combination of the traits exhibited by both guard dogs and watchdogs. They are independent and territorial which has a lot to do with the formidable presence for which they are typically known. Some of the most frequently used dog breeds for protective capabilities are the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, American Bulldog and Pit Bull.

There is a reason dogs are called “man’s best friend”, and that has to do with their loyalty and devotion to the members of their family. Most will do anything to ensure the safety of those they love. For more information about how Man K-9 can help you find the perfect protection dog for your family, contact via phone at 760-468-8830. Doesn’t your family deserve everything you can do to keep them safe?

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