Professional K-9 Police Dog Training in San Diego

Man-K9 provides a comprehensive range of services in the world of police K-9 training. Our core expertise comes from training numerous top-notch police K-9’s and their handlers. Our high-end training strategies help keep officers safe and empower them and their police K-9’s to perform at exceptional levels.

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A Unique Police K9 Training Experience

Man-K9’s primary focus is on obedience and control over the police dog. Our methods of “obedience and control” have proven time and time again its effectiveness out on the streets. Man-K9’s techniques assist the officer in obtaining the right level of control which is vital in tactical and serious situations. Over the years, we have become highly regarded because of our experience, knowledge, training techniques, and adept ability in solving training challenges.

Man-K9 has the ability to offer agencies “green” or “trained” police dogs that are personally handpicked by Manuel Villanueva, the founder of Man-K9. Villanueva who is at the helm of Man-K9 searches for working bloodlines and personally selects dogs that have successfully passed a rigorous screening process. The type of dog selected is a better-balanced dog that performs at a higher standard.

Villanueva remains one of the only civilian K-9 trainers in San Diego County who is qualified, recognized, and contracted by Law Enforcement Agencies. His in-depth experience also includes canine S.W.A.T teams. Villanueva has worked with many police K-9s in patrol work narcotics, tracking, trailing, and evidence searching. Villanueva’s trained police K-9’s have apprehended thousands of criminals, including non-contact apprehensions.

Invariably, this kind of sterling expertise and experience allows Man- K9 to afford the most comprehensive police K-9 training in the industry.

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Security K9s

If your company conducts its own in-house training and you need a genetically sound detection dog, we are the company for you. Our dogs have been screened and tested in real-world environments, not just in training fields/areas. Our dogs have a strong foundation in searching in different surroundings. Our green dogs are ready for you to imprint the desired odors your company needs.

Trained Detection Dogs

We offer Completely trained dogs in Narcotic Detection and Explosive Detection.

If your company does not provide in-house basic training, no problem; just call and make arrangements to order a fully-trained dog from MAN-K9. We offer Basic Handler Courses for your Officers to prepare them to handle a Trained K9. The course is normally a four to five week course for Narcotic Detection, a six to eight-week course in Explosive Detection.

Trained Security Patrol Dogs

A MAN-K9 Security Patrol dog will be trained in Obedience, Officer Protection, Searching, and Vehicle Protection. If your company needs a more advanced trained K9, we can also provide K9s fully trained in Patrol work for Law Enforcement Agencies. Our dogs are selected for their ability to function in realistic environments; they are not sports dogs. Our Trained Security Patrol Dogs (TSPD) are exposed to scenarios that they might encounter during patrol Duty.

Dual Purpose Dogs

Dual Green dogs for detection/patrol are available at MAN-K9 at any time. Dual Trained dogs are available only by special order.

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Detection K9s

Man K9 detection dog smelling a blue case for narcotics

Man-K9 is DEA licensed canine trainer that offers narcotic and explosives detection programs.

We take an innovative approach to shaping a dog for detection. At Man-K9 we use the most advanced methods based on science and canine psychology. We strongly believe in training every detection dog based on their unique temperament and individual learning ability. We believe in adjusting the method used based on the dog’s temperament versus forcing the dog to adjust to a specific method.

With the Man-K9 non-traditional system of conforming to the dog’s natural ability, our dogs learn their skills more easily due to the fact that stress is considerably reduced. At Man-K9 we do not generalize dog training, we individualize dog training, therefore producing dependable and stress-free detection dogs.

In our 5 week course, we concentrate on enhancing your canine’s natural ability to hunt for the odor. Your dog will locate and alert to the target odors in a variety of locations (Buildings, vehicles, fields, etc.). The canine will be taught to ignore odors such as:

Our instructors are experienced canine trainers who will focus on teaching you how to properly handle and train your dog.

Our Training Director, Manuel Villanueva, will fine-tune your handling skills by personally instructing you throughout the Basic Handler’s Course.

Contact Us: (760) 468 – 8830

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CA P.O.S.T. Certified Courses

Agitator Course

During this course, the student will learn the proper and safe hands-on methods of using equipment designed for agitation. Our course is designed for novice and experienced handlers and decoys. Whether you are looking to prepare yourself for a K9 handler position or become more advanced in decoying for your unit, every officer will gain knowledge from this course. The Agitator Course is $350.


The MAN-K9 canine agitation philosophy is based on the strong belief that every dog must be agitated in a manner that suits its specific temperament. Most agitation courses teach one method for use on all dogs. At Man-K9 we prepare the student with a variety of agitation methods that will help develop a solid confident street dog as well as a dependable, controllable K9. The student will be instructed in the use of various techniques to bring out the best in every dog through the use of the most modern canine psychology. We instill methods to keep the dog, handler, and agitator safe in any scenarios with proper instruction.

police officer holding a K9 while it is biting a person’s leg for agitator course
police officer holding the leash of a K9 while it is biting a person’s fake arm

CA P.O.S.T. Certified Course Purpose

This course is designed to help the student develop a comprehensive knowledge in the following subjects.

The student will also learn the proper use of the following equipment:

Our Training Director, Manuel Villanueva, will fine-tune your handling skills by personally instructing you throughout the course.


Contact Us: (760) 468 – 8830 | Course is limited to 6 students
Please call to make a reservation for the next P.O.S.T Agitator class.

police officer holding the leash of a K9 while it is biting a person’s covered arm
handler holding the leash of a K9 while it jumped to bite a man’s arm

Canine Team Evaluator Course

Man-K9 offers a CA P.O.S.T. Certified Canine Team Evaluator Course for any officers with at least 5 years experience as a canine handler. The Evaluator Course $100.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be certified to evaluate other canine teams for CA P.O.S.T. Certification in patrol and detection.

If you are looking to host a class, please call or email us for scheduling. 760-468-8830 or

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Patrol Academy

This course is designed to develop the primary skills necessary for street patrol. The new dog and handler team will learn the fundamentals of canine psychology and health, building and area searches, obedience and control, tactical deployment, and trailing. The K9 team will learn to work around and with a search team while moving comfortably around other officers.

Basic Handler Courses are scheduled three times per year. You can also request a private Basic Handler’s Course if there is an urgent need for a K-9 team to hit the street immediately. Call our Training Director, Manuel Villanueva, for more details and information at 760-468-8830.

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