Does Your Dog Need a Training Refresh?


You love your best friend. Your dog provides constant companionship, unwavering love and a daily dose of happiness. However, you may have found behavior problems beginning to creep up. Is your dog simply going through a phase or is it time to return to training? Ask yourself the following questions to help you make a plan of action.

Am I Being Consistent?

Dogs need consistency, especially when they are young. Do you find yourself variously saying “sit,” “sit down,” “sit still” or some other variation? Rewards must be consistent as well. Is your dog expecting a treat, a pat on the head or words of approval? If he or she doesn’t get the expected reward, the resulting behavior may be unexpected as well. Before returning to training, return to a consistent routine.

How Long Have These Behavior Problems Been a Problem?

If the answer is “not very long,” you probably have time to correct the problems on your own. If you realize you have been allowing poor behavior to occur or even worsen over a longer period of time, you probably need a dog training refresh.

Are You in a New Environment?

Just like people, dogs can become anxious when faced with new surroundings. If you have recently moved, changed working hours or if you’re frequenting new parks, your dog might react with poor behavior. Start by returning to basic commands in your new location. Remain consistent with commands and rewards. If that doesn’t solve the problem, a return to training could be a good choice.

Has Your Playtime Become Mundane?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, dogs can get bored with monotony. If you are spending less time with your dog, the changes in behavior may simply be a cry for attention. Play with your pal more and provide ample room for exercise. You may even consider a doggie daycare if your schedule has changed so that you simply don’t have as much time to play with your pet. When you decide to return to training, you will find that your dog can quickly pick up on previously learned commands. Dog refresh courses serve as a good reminder to both you and your pet. They often are short classes with big rewards. Man K-9 is a top dog training facility in the San Diego area. Along with family dog training, we offer police K-9 training, training for family protection dogs, and can even match you to home protection canines. Our training director, Manuel Villanueva, has more than 30 years of experience as a family dog trainer, police dog trainer and more. Call us today at (760) 468-8830 to schedule a refresher class for your best friend.

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