Leash Training

Why Man-K9 for puppy family dog?

Just like us, dogs thrive off the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation to live long, healthy, happy lives.

Where do the dogs come from?

Here at Man-K9 we are fortunate to have the facilities to accommodate a variety of different styles of training. Man-K9 currently houses two facilities. Our Raise and Train program, which is located in Guadalajara, Mexico, and our Police/Obedience facility is located in sunny San Diego.

At our facility in Guadalajara, we have families who have the opportunity of puppy raising our future Man-K9 prodigies. This is where they breed, and raise our dogs in a home environment. This is beneficial as they learn house manners, and how to live alongside dogs, cats, kids and more!

Once the dogs are exposed to a home setting, they are ready to come to our San Diego facility! Once the dogs have arrived they have big shoes to fill! We place our new team of pups through a variety of testing to find which job is best suited for them. At Man-K9 no dog goes without purpose. If a future Police pup doesn’t make the cut, he’ll be repurposed into a future protection dog or a detection dog! If a future detection dog doesn’t make the cut, then they’ll be placed in our family dog program to make someone a wonderful companion!

Puppy Obedience Training

What are the advantages of having a pre-trained dog?


Training a dog from a young age requires a significant time commitment and effort. By purchasing a trained dog, you can skip the initial training phase and have a dog that already understands basic commands, house manners, and possibly even some advanced skills. This can save you a substantial amount of time and energy.

Immediate Integration:

A trained dog can seamlessly integrate into your household and lifestyle. They are already familiar with living indoors, walking on a leash, and interacting with people and other animals. The purchase of a trained dog from Man-K9 includes private lessons to integrate your new pup into your life! This makes the transition smoother and allows you to enjoy the companionship of a well-behaved dog right away.

Confidence in Behavior:

When you purchase a young, trained dog, you must have a clearer understanding of their behavior and temperament. Trained dogs have already undergone socialization, which helps ensure they are comfortable and well-behaved in various situations. This can provide you with confidence and peace of mind knowing that the dog you’re bringing home has been trained and assessed for good behavior.


Trained dogs have established behavior patterns and responses to commands. This predictability allows you to anticipate their actions and behavior, making it easier to manage them and ensure their safety. It also facilitates effective communication between you and your dog, fostering a stronger bond.

Specific Skills:

Depending on the level of training, a trained dog may possess specific skills or be trained for specific tasks. For example, they might be trained as service dogs, emotional support dogs, or therapy dogs. If you have a particular need or desire for a dog with specialized skills, purchasing a young, trained dog can provide you with a ready-made partner for those specific activities or purposes.

Reduced Behavioral Issues:

A trained dog is less likely to exhibit common behavioral issues such as excessive barking, destructive chewing, or aggression. By purchasing a young trained dog, you can avoid or minimize these problems, as they have already been addressed during their training.

It’s important to note that purchasing a young trained dog may involve a higher upfront cost compared to getting an untrained or older dog. However, the advantages of having a well- trained companion from the start can outweigh the initial investment for many dog owners.

Service Dog Training

Man-K9 Pet Perks program!

At Man-K9 we hold our dogs to the highest standard of obedience, as a thank you for purchasing and taking pride in our dogs, all dogs will recieve a lifetime discount of 10% off all our services. This includes,

  • Daycare services: Half, and Full days!

  • Purchase of Inukshuk Dog Food, all formulas!

  • Training equipment: chains, e-collars, leashers, collars, and more!

  • Boarding services, only promo discounted on holidays! Grooming services: Baths, nail trims, earcleaning, de- shedding, and more!

  • Refresher training services daily!

  • Lesson programs: both on and offsite!

Do your dogs have a health history?

All Man-K9 Dogs come with a detailed background history of both health and vaccine records.

Man-K9 will provide the records in a personalized binder including the following contents:

  • Man-K9 Training Manual

  • Man-K9 purchase contract

  • Vaccine History of (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella) Inukshuk Dog Food – Any Formula

  • Why Man-K9

  • Man-K9 Training Dog Schedule

  • Man-K9 Brochure

  • Man-K9 contact cards

Are your dogs crate / potty trained?

At Man-K9 all our dogs are familiar with being in a crate for several hours at a time. Our dogs are housed with access to an indoor suite and outdoor patio, and are scheduled for potty breaks semi hourly.

All of our dogs are exposed to being in a crate like setting overnight, as well as being in their home throughout the day when they’re not training.

At Man-K9 all dogs are transported in a crate in our vehicles to ensure proper safety when transporting. All dogs are taught how to settle, and idle when being in a crate.

We recommend all Man-K9 dogs continue crating upon purchase, as this is the safest place to leave a dog when unsupervised.

At Man-K9 all our dogs are familiar with being in a crate for several hours at a time, and associate using the restroom when outside of their crate.

We don’t use the term “Potty trained/ and or Housebroken” until your dog has developed a routine to ensure they understand where the desired place to use the restroom is.

Upon purchase, we recommend to leash your pup for the first week and take them directly to where you want them to use the restroom.

Upon purchase, we recommend to leash your pup for the first week and take them directly to where you want them to use the restroom.

Each time they use the bathroom in the desired place heavily praise them and give them a treat, once they start using the bathroom on leash.

Once you open the crate without a leash, and take them Immediately outside and give them the command, “go potty/take a break” and let them use the restroom on their own.

Once they start walking over towards the patch/area, ensure that you give them praise for alerting you on their own.


Will the dogs remain trained the rest of their lives?

At Man-K9 we’re very transparent on Dog Training being a perishable skill. Just like humans, if you’re not consistent with something you will likely regress in progression.

Dogs, just like humans, thrive off of routine.

Mental, and physical stimulation is extremely beneficial to a dog’s wellbeing as well as to their productivity when upholding training expectations.

You can’t expect a child to sit still after sitting at a school desk all day long, same goes for your dog. If your dog has been pent up in a crate all day, and you haven’t given them an outlet to use their brain whether it be a training session, or a structured walk, you can’t expect to make them idle on a stay for hours on end.

You have to offer your pup the proper outlet to maintain your expectations.

Man-K9 offers tools that will allow you and your dog to succeed, if you choose to go off of the recommended equipment, you can’t expect your dog to work at the same level of training as they did leaving our facility.

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