Golden Retriever

Dodge is a lovable goofball, a charming red Golden Retriever with a heart as big as his playful spirit. With his vibrant red coat and perpetually wagging tail, Dodge is sure to capture your heart from the moment you meet him. This handsome boy is the epitome of fun and silliness, always ready to turn even the most mundane moments into an adventure.

Dodge’s goofy antics and infectious laughter bring joy to everyone around him, and his playful nature makes him a favorite among friends and family alike. Despite his mischievous streak, Dodge is a gentle soul with a heart of gold. He’s incredibly affectionate and loves nothing more than showering his human companions with sloppy kisses and cuddles.

Whether he’s romping around in the backyard or snuggling up on the couch for a cozy nap, Dodge’s love knows no bounds.

Dodge is not just a pet – he’s a cherished member of the family waiting to bring endless laughter and love into your life. If you’re searching for a furry friend who will keep you entertained with his antics and warm your heart with his affection, look no further than Dodge.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make Dodge a part of your family. Come meet this delightful red Golden Retriever today and get ready for a lifetime of fun and companionship!

If interested in Dodge, Please contact us at:

Dodge is currently being placed with the following commands:

Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, “Bed” Command.

If requested, Dodge has the ability to be placed as an Off-leash dog.

Dodge also qualifies in our ESA Program, Inquire Today!

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