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Carmelo is a lovable goofball, a 2-year-old chocolate Lab with a heart as big as his appetite for fun! With his playful antics and endearing personality, Carmelo is guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to any home lucky enough to welcome him.

This handsome boy is the epitome of happiness, his tail wagging at full speed whenever he sees a friendly face. Carmelo’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for life are contagious – he’s always ready for an adventure, whether it’s a game of fetch in the backyard or a leisurely stroll through the park. Carmelo has already started his obedience program, and has started his introduction to off leash

If interested in Carmelo, Please contact us at:

Carmelo is currently being placed with the following commands:

Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, “Bed” Command.

If requested, Carmelo has the ability to be placed as an Off-leash dog.

Carmelo also qualifies in our ESA Program, Inquire Today!

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