Trained Protection Dogs For Sale

Trained Protection Dogs For Sale


Blend of the loving companion, but capable of intruder deterrent. Will alert the family of any intruder and will intimidate the trespasser.


Will defend their family against any aggressor. Will not back down to a physical challenge. Trained to make contact with offender provide first line of defense against any threats to your family 24 hours a day.


The perfect home companion. Will be sweet and snuggly at home, personal body guard against all others. Will guard at home or on the street. Aware of his surrounding and willing to confront any threat.


Our strongest and most confident K9 available. Its unparalleled confidence and courage is a true defender that can’t be intimidated by any challenge. Selected for their genetic temperament of stability and confidence to serve. Provide yourself and your family with confidence of safety by having this companion in your home.

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