Family Dog Training

Whether you’re looking to thoroughly train your family dog or interested in a protection dog, Man K-9 has the training and services you need.

Protection Dog Training

When is comes to police, protection and security dogs, only consider a company that has trained dogs to be proficient in real life scenarios. Our competitors have neither the knowledge nor experience in how to select or train a dog for real deployments.

Man-K9 offers the most elite, protection dog training. Our experience in the police dog world allows us to train your dog for real life scenarios. 

All protection dog training begins with a temperament test at our facility to test your dog’s natural drives and capabilities. From there, we can determine what level of protection your dog is capable of doing. 

If your dog does not have what it takes to become a protection dog, Man-K9 also sells fully trained protection dogs ready to go home!

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    Trained Protection Dog Licking Its Nose | Man K-9

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    Puppy Training

    Let an experienced trainer teach you the best manner in which to raise and train your puppy. We recommend private lessons for puppy training. One-on-one classes allow you to focus on all the details necessary for training a dog which you can control. It is necessary to develop a puppy which respects your commands, yet at the same time knows that you are a just and enthusiastic alpha dog. We will help you to discover play drives that will motivate your pup to work harder. Puppy lessons are Private Lessons for weekly 60-minute sessions with our trainer. Practicing with your puppy during the week is a requirement for achieving your goal in having an obedient and fun adult dog.

    Dog Behavior/Obedience and Control Training

    Is your dog making your life difficult? Behavioral problems are the number one reason why dogs end up at the shelters. Come in for a private consultation and let our experienced Trainers help you with that annoying dog problem. In many cases a single private lesson is sufficient to give you the proper advice to solve or prevent the problem from escalating. Call for help on problems such as jumping, digging, escaping, chewing and more. We’re here to help so you don’t have to relinquish your dog.

    Obedience training will teach your dog to respond to the five basic commands. These commands are the foundation for any type of general obedience as well as competitive obedience. The commands are:

    • Heel = Dog must walk close to your left or right leg without pulling on the leash.
    • Sit = To sit on command and automatically when you stop.
    • Stay = To remain in a location either at a sit or down.
    • Down = To lay down with the elbows resting on the ground.
    • Come = Run to the handler and sit in front or loop around into the heel position.

    Control is training the dog to obey the five basic commands whether he wants to or not. You need control over your dog inside the house to stop him from jumping, running out the door, stealing items off counter tops among other behavioral issues. You will teach your dog that there is not an option when it comes to obeying your commands. Control will give you the ability to stop the dog before he goes after another dog. We can teach you the techniques necessary to obtain the ultimate control over your active dog.

    Security K-9 Sitting at Heel with Owner | Man K-9

    Advanced levels of obedience are possible for any dog – regardless of breed and size! Your pup can be as obedeince as this police dog!

    In-Home Lessons

    Dog Sitting at Home | Man K-9

    If you are having behavioral problems at home such as charging out the front door, jumping on people, chewing, being overly protective toward the house, or you simply have a difficult time controlling a hyperactive dog, call for an in-home consultation. In-home sessions are recommended if it is difficult for you to drive to our training location, or if your dog only behaves badly on his property. Our in-home lessons are more than just a class. It is a dog behavior clinic. During the in-home our lesson professional trainer/behaviorist will address numerous topics and give you advice that will help you solve future problems. The average in-home lesson is approximately an hour, so please be prepared to set aside enough time for this intense dog behavior lesson.

    In Lodge/Bootcamp Training

    If you do not have the time to attend private lessons, or simply do not want to bother with the struggle of teaching your dog commands, we recommend in-lodge training only for dogs with no previous professional obedience training. We accept dogs as young as 3.5 months and no limitation on how old your pup is! 

    We offer exclusively tailored training courses during our one, two, three or four week in-lodge training packages. Although the end goals are similar, we tailor each package to your specific dog, since all dogs are not the same! Just like people! Call today to learn about our specials for this month! 

    CGC – Canine Good Citizen Training

    German Shepherd Outside | Man K-9

    The American Kennel Club has developed a dog training program to establish a firm foundation for obedience and other AKC activities. This program is an easy way to teach your dog the basic obedience commands. It will also evaluate your dog’s sociability with other dogs and people. Many of the canines who participate will be capable of passing a CGC evaluation and receiving a certificate from the American Kennel Club as a CGC graduate. We are certified by the American Kennel Club as CGC Evaluators. For more information on this exciting program please visit

    Service Pricing

    Service Pricing for Training Director Manuel Villanueva

    Service Price Lessons
    Temperament evaluation for protection training $200 1
    Consultation, Behavior Problem Solving, Private Lessons, Puppy Training $400/hour 1
    Private Lessons, Dog handled exclusively by Mr. Villanueva $400/hour 1
    In-Home Lessons $500/hour 1
    In-Lodge Training:
    Mr. Villanueva will train the dog throughout the day and return the dog to owner on the same day.
    Please Call for Pricing Full Day
    7 Hours
    Protection Training Course $4000/level 10

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