Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

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Bunny is a remarkable 1-year-old male Wirehaired Pointing Griffon with a keen nose and an unparalleled drive for detection work. With his distinctive wirehaired coat and sharp, intelligent eyes, Bunny is not only a striking presence but also a highly skilled and dedicated detection dog.

Trained to excel in detection, Bunny has a natural talent for identifying scents and alerting his handlers with precision. His exceptional training and innate abilities make him an invaluable asset in various detection roles, from search and rescue operations to security and contraband detection. Bunny’s work ethic is second to none, and his determination to perform his duties is truly impressive.

Despite his professional skills, Bunny is also a sweet and loving companion. His gentle nature and affectionate personality shine through in his interactions with his human companions. Bunny thrives on building strong bonds and is always eager to please, making him a loyal and trustworthy partner both on and off the job.

Bunny is not just a working dog – he’s a cherished member of the team, ready to bring his unique skills and loving presence into your life. If you’re looking for a detection dog who combines exceptional ability with a sweet, endearing personality, Bunny is the perfect choice.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to welcome Bunny into your life and experience the incredible benefits of having a highly trained detection dog by your side.

If interested in Bunny, Please contact us at:

Bunny is currently being placed with the following commands:

Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, “Bed” Command.

If requested, Bunny has the ability to be placed as an Off-leash dog.

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