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Specializing in emotional support dogs not only for civilians, but law enforcement as well.

The True K9 Training Professionals. From puppyhood to police dog training, our dog training classes can help.

Advanced methodology coupled with acute control that produces only the most dependable dogs.

Offering a variety of breeds including: Labradors, Beglian Malinois, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Pointers and more!


People standing on a grassy area with leashed dogs. Two prominent dogs, a white fluffy one and a brown and white one, look towards the camera.

Tuesday Night Group Obedience Class:

Any and all dogs welcome! Expose your dog to distractions in a controlled, group setting with multiple instructors to help you during the one hour session! We ask dogs to be at least 6 months old and have no severe aggression issues. Class starts at 7pm, please call 760-468-8830 to get registered. 

A dog with brown and black fur is leaping mid-air towards a colorful toy on the grass. A person in the background watches the dog.

Thursday Bite Night:

The best way to level up your protection dog! Group bite nights are perfect for dogs who are ready for the next level! Must be biting the sleeve and have basic obedience. Class starts at 7pm, please call 760-468-8830 to get registered.


A golden retriever on a leash is walking on green grass, looking up at a person in black pants.

Financing Now Available

Financing Now Available for all dogs and training programs up to $100,000! Get offers from 21 different lenders and pick what fits you best based on lending amount, interest rates and more! After your inquiry is addressed and you are ready to take the final step in purchasing your dog or training program, our associate will send an invite to apply for financing!

Featured Dogs

A golden retriever with its tongue out sits on green grass, leashed in front of a sign that partially reads "TRAINING.


Dodge is a lovable goofball, a charming red Golden Retriever with a heart as big as his playful spirit. With his vibrant red coat and perpetually wagging tail, Dodge is sure to capture your heart from the moment you meet him.

A German Shepherd stands on green artificial grass in front of a sign that reads "Dog Training.


The best way to level up your protection dog! Group bite nights are perfect for dogs who are ready for the next level! Must be biting the sleeve and have basic obedience. Class starts at 7pm, please call 760-468-8830 to get registered.

A brown dog with a short coat lies on a green grassy surface, panting with its mouth open and wearing a chain with a bone-shaped tag.


Inoko is a petite bundle of sweetness and charm, a 1-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever with a heart as warm as her cocoa-colored coat. Despite her size, Inoko possesses a larger-than-life personality and a spirit that shines bright with love and affection.

A black and brown Rottweiler puppy sits in front of a bright green background, looking towards the camera with its mouth slightly open and tongue visible.


Jam is an adorable 4-month-old AKC-registered German Rottweiler with a big heart and an even bigger personality. With her striking looks and playful demeanor, Jam is ready to bring endless joy and companionship to her forever home.

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We don't just train dogs.

We care about equipping you.

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San Diego Dog Training


Dogs are pack animals, and it’s our job to empower you with the skills, tools, and resources to rise to the top as ‘pack leader’, commanding respect and authority over man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

No matter the size, breed, or situation, our highly skilled and certified team will turn your unruly or obedient furry friend into the perfect gentleman or lady.

Benefits of Dog Training

Dog training is the process of teaching, conditioning, and rewarding your dog for exhibiting desirable behaviors and tricks on command. It can also help you bond with your dog and build a better relationship, along with providing mental and physical stimulation for a higher quality of life.

There are many benefits of dog training, and the right training program can be tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

Here are some of the most common benefits our customers get when putting their pet through one of our San Diego Dog Training programs…

On-Command Obedience

One of the most obvious benefits of dog training is that it can improve your dog’s obedience. With focused training, your dog will learn to respond to your commands quickly and consistently. This can be extremely useful in everyday life, for example when you need your dog to come to you or to stay put.

Exhibiting Better Behavior

Another benefit of dog training is that it can help your dog to develop better behaviors. Through training, we can teach your dog what is acceptable and what is not. This can help to prevent problem behaviors from developing, or can help to reduce and eliminate existing issues.

Mental Stimulation

Training can provide the mental stimulation needed to keep your doggo engaged and happy. This is important for preventing boredom and for keeping your dog’s mind sharp. Mental stimulation can also help to prevent problem behaviors from developing, as it gives your dog something to do instead of getting into trouble.

Physical Exercise & Health

Our training not only stimulates the mind, but fosters healthy habits that keep your best friend energetic, healthy, and physically capable. This is important for keeping your dog healthy and fit, and can also help to tire your furry friend and get out pent-up energy in positive ways that make them less likely to misbehave.

Closer Bond

Build a closer bond with your dog. The training process requires you to work closely with your pet, and to communicate effectively with him or her. Through training, you and your dog will learn to trust and respect each other, and your relationship will become stronger.

A man with a beard and a light blue shirt cuddles a smiling golden retriever while sitting on a red leather sofa.

Lead Your Dog with Confidence and Have a More Meaningful Relationship with Your Best Friend

Reach out today and find out why so many dog owners throughout the greater San Diego community trust our expert handlers to bring out the best in their furry friend.

Backed by decades of experience and a lengthy track record of happy customers, we have what it takes to rein in your unruly pet, and put you back in control.

Commands and Behaviors
Our Dog Training Classes Work On

Our Testimonials

Kaitlynn Aguirre
- San Diego, California

In May 2021, I got our beautiful little princess a Rottweiler named Lily. Man-K9 has been there from the beginning and continues to train, love, and help take care of Lily in the best ways possible. I highly recommend working with Man-K9 for all your dog training needs.

Hamp Atkinson

Laurie at Man-K9 is the BEST! We got our lab puppy, Marley, from them and Laurie was there for us from start to finish! We will be coming back for training soon! Thank you Laurie and thank you Man-K9!

Wes Hatfield
- San Diego, California

Man K-9 provides excellent service for personal and law enforcement canines. The methodology is a long standing tried and true method for success. Manuel also introduces his experiences in the modern world to best train the canine. I highly recommend for citizens with obedience issues and for law enforcement agencies.

Scott Graham
- San Diego, California

My wife and I picked up Yoli, or as we now call her Peyton from Man-K9, and one of their trainers, Alayna. She has been a perfect addition to our family. She is sweet, came well trained, and has the sweetest disposition. I couldn't recommend more.


I would give a million stars if I could!! Man-K9 changed my life and my dog’s life. I came to Man-K9 to train my golden retriever puppy. I am not sure who learned more, the dog or me. They gave me the tools and confidence to train my dog and any other dogs I may have in the future. The things I learned here I will carry with me in all K9 experiences in the future. I was amazed at the things they were able to get my young energetic pup to do. Spend 2 minutes with Manuel or any of his staff and you will know exactly why they are the BEST of the best!!! The training is worth every penny. They are knowledgeable and professional. I now have a well behaved trained dog that I can take anywhere with me. I enjoy my dog so much and with their training she was the easiest and best puppy I have ever had. I am so thankful for the work they did with my dog and I. Come here for training and you will never regret it. Read More...

Donald Bistline
- San Diego, California

My wife of 48 years and I have a new Black Labrador male puppy. At 18 weeks he weighed 44 pounds – was out of control; jumping, nipping, chewing everything in sight, horrible on a leash, no manners. We found Man-K9 online and went for a visit to verify that they were legit – They are. We dropped Bear (our lab) off the next week for (2) weeks of training at their facility. Jared was his trainer and he was awesome. Military/K9 trainer background. When we picked Bear up we had an hour class with Jared and Bear. Jared passed on to us valuable information so that all that Bear was taught would stick. All the basics were complete; no jumping, sit, stay, down, come on command, great on leash. We had a follow-up class at our home a couple weeks later that was very valuable. Bear’s now 6 months old and 60+ lbs…and has manners. We love our new dog. In summary, Man-K9 is an outstanding Company; Jared is a professional. He loves dogs and loves his job. Read More...

Sharla Serrano

I purchased a Dutch Shepherd puppy, during the pandemic lock down. I attempted online and group training and failed! A friend, who works at a police department, urged me to call Man-K9. From my first email, to today, the staff has been professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I showed up to our first day of training, with a stubborn pup who was dog reactive. Since then, she has passed all three the AKC Good Citizen's tests, attends doggy day care and can walk off leash in public. During that puppies training, I decided to get another dog and purchased a Belgian Malinois puppy from Man-K9. She is a balanced pup, who is neutral in public. The aspect that I appreciate the most, is the individual attention. With my first pup, Fon assessed where she was at and implemented a plan. Alayna has done the same with the second pup and is training her to be a service dog. She also trained me! I can now, confidently walk both of them, together, in public and she is working on teaching my first pup agility. I am grateful that my friend recommended them to me! Read More...

Annie & Drew Drysdale
- San Diego, California

Man-K9 has made an unbelievable difference in our lives!! We took our 4 month old Belgian Malinois in for training and she’s come away with great skills. Her obedience and ability to listen/execute commands greatly improves after every stay. She’s approaching 2 years old now, and we will continue to drive all the way from Orange County for boarding and training because we honestly don’t see the same results with anyone else. The comfort that Man-K9 gives to us is profound; especially having worked with both Manuel and Fon. We have great respect for all their training staff because for us, their methods and training techniques are made easy to learn, and bring real results. No matter the breed, we highly recommend anyone taking their dog to Man-K9. Not only are our lives definitely better for it, but most importantly our dogs’. Read More...

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About Man-K9
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Training Director, Manuel Villanueva, is one of the most sought after dog trainers in the United States and beyond. Manuel’s career started when he was just 18 years old... read more

Fon is a dedicated trainer that grew up alongside his father who was also in the canine industry.

Watching his dad, Manuel Villanueva, train dogs since he was a young pup himself, Fon grew up in the canine industry. He is named after Manuel’s long time mentor... read more

Sam, a dedicated and hardworking trainer at Man-K9 in San Diego, CA.

Officer Samuel Hay was a K9 Handler for 8 years with two partners, K9 Gonzo & K9 Jenko, at Oceanside Police Department. Officer Hay has been a police officer since 2004.... read more

Frequently Asked Questions


How long have you been training dogs?

Canine Training Director, Manuel Villanueva, is one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the United States and beyond. Manuel’s career as a canine trainer started when he was just 18 years old (over 40 years of experience) and he specialized in training working breeds such as Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Shepherds. Manuel was one of the few trainers to study under Mr. Fon Johnson, a pioneer in the dog training world, who specialized in the training of police dogs. In fact, Mr. Fon Johnson developed many of the K-9 training programs and canine psychology models that are now used throughout the country and founded the first full-service pet boarding facility in San Diego in 1950.


Do we come to your San Diego facility, or do you come to us?

We have both onsite and off-site training available to you! Our onsite lessons range from $120 for a 1 hour session, to $420 for 4 hours of training. While our offsite-in home training costs $360 for the hour.


How much does dog training cost?

All of our obedience training packages range between $500- $6000+ depending on what you’re looking for.

Our basic training and behavioral modification lesson packages start at $420 for a pack of 4. While our most advanced program, our 3 week Off-leash training In-lodge training costs $6,000. All training is dependent on what can be accomplished outside of the session itself. Dog training is a perishable skill, so we rely on the owner to ensure the dog is upholding our standard outside of training.


How long does it take to train a dog, how many sessions does it take?

We have several different types of training dependent on what level of training you’re looking for. We have 1 hour, four 1 hour, and 1-3 week packages depending on the level or style of dog training class you’re looking for.


Do you offer Obedience Training, Service Dog Training, or Protection Training?

We offer all of these trainings from basic obedience, to off-leash training, to protection dogs all the way to psychiatric service dogs and more! There’s so much knowledge within our team we’d be happy to match you with your perfect trainer to match your training needs!


Do you have any obedience training packages?

We have several options for boarding and training beginning at $1000 going up to $5500 depending upon the level of training you want for your dog or puppy.


How long are dog training sessions?

Each of our training sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour depending on what level of training you’re looking to perform. The obedience training and behavioral modification training run for the duration of an hour, while our protection training lasts between 30-45 minutes due to the stamina of the dog.


What are the commands you teach dogs?

Depending upon the package you select the commands can vary. However, the basic commands are always taught such as sit, stay, come, and lay down.


What language do you train the dogs in?

The dogs are trained in English commands, unless the owner requests at the beginning of training to teach elsewise.


How does the trainer identify fear, anxiety, or stress during training?

At Man-K9 we don’t view dog training as “by the book” All of our methods and styles of training are tailored to you and your dog's needs. We view dogs and handlers as individuals that need a specific problem solved. Our trainers are taught through hands-on experience how to identify dog psychology as well as dog body language. Each trainer is taught how to problem solve and identify sources of underlying behavioral issues, but we’re able to identify and address when a dog is overwhelmed and can reevaluate what training is best fit for each dog.


Do you take payments?

Our dog obedience training programs are paid upfront. This allows us to reserve your training sessions on the calendar. As for Dog sales, we require 15% of the dog's cost to be placed down as a deposit to reserve your dog, from there the remaining balance will be paid at the time of pickup.


How much is a single private dog training lesson?

A single private dog training lesson at Man K9 is $120 for an hour and for an in-home private lesson it is $360 for an hour.


Do you do protection training?

Yes, we do protection training with the owner and the dog in a single private lesson setting. For information please contact us so that we can assess your dog for protection training specifications.


How much are basic obedience lessons?

Our basic private obedience lessons are $420 for 4 sessions of one hour each. They include basics like sit, stay, down, come, heel, and more.

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