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The True K9 Training Professionals. From puppyhood to police dog training, we can help. 

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Elite dogs suitable for police departments, security companies, family homes and protection work. 

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Unparalleled Experience and Expertise in K-9 Training

We are professionals. We have dedicated our lives to the study of canine behavior and training. We are not backyard trainers with other jobs outside of dog training. We have spent countless hours in canine conditioning and problem solving. Our experience and expertise are unparalleled in San Diego County. We have the practical experience needed to effectively train all breeds of dogs. Knowing what works in real-life scenarios is important to the dog owner. 

Director of Training Doing K-9 Training Demonstration in Public Setting | Man K-9
Police K-9 Laying Down in Front of Multiple Awards | Man K-9

Why Man-K9 Is The Best Choice For Your and Your Family Dog

Man-K9 is the oldest and most experienced Dog Training Facility in San Diego County. We have the most knowledgeable Professional Dog Trainers in the County. Dog training is not just a business or a hobby for our staff, it is a passion. We have dedicated 43 years to the study of canine behavior in order to obtain the true and real knowledge of the canine mental capacity. We are the ONLY Dog Training Facility with the kind of vast experience and knowledge required to train a puppy in obedience and another dog in the most complicated levels of a Police Service dog. We have dedicated our entire lives to dog training. 

Dog Training Methods Developed by MAN-K9 

Our Training Director Manuel Villanueva has developed the most practical method of training a dog in a short period of time with amazing results. An example of Mr. Villanueva’s ability is the following: Other Police k9 trainers take from eight to ten weeks to complete a basic k9 academy in Patrol work, whereas Mr Villanueva has developed a system to completely train a Police k9 at our basic academy in a period of only 5 weeks. Officers who have gone through his Police academy have witnessed how much more advanced Mr. Villanueva’s system really is, and how much dramatically better are the results of his system.  His incredible ability to understand the dog’s instincts, drives and learning ability has made him a widely sought-out leading expert in the Dog training Industry (especially in the Law Enforcement Community) on methods to obtain Obedience and Control over a dog. 

Our Method

Man-k9 Trainers only use Mr. Villanueva’s innovative dog training methods. This innovative method is ONLY available at Man-k9. When others trainers cannot solve a control issue with a dog, they recommend Man-k9 to take over the problem dog. Professional Dog trainers with decades of experience consult with Mr. Villanueva and/or attend his classes to assist them with their difficult personal dogs. Our method was designed to obtain ultimate results in a short period of time. We will not waste your time with methods that are not effective, nor will we waste your precious time on systems that sound good but lack effectiveness in controlling your dog. Our method is very simple, and it helps the canines to quickly understand what you desire from them. Our method has the incredible ability to teach you the correct manner to communicate to the dog your desired instructions. The unequivocal proficiency our methods produce is beyond any other method currently available in the industry.

Our Pet Training Experience

We have trained thousands of dogs in both on and off-leash obedience for the pet owner as well as for the competitor. If you wish to advance beyond basic obedience, we are the company for you. If you are looking for a new hobby to enjoy with you dog, we can help you. If you are serious about competing in AKC trials and wish to title your dog, we are available to serve you. Man-k9 has the experience to assist you in training your dog in the following skills:

  • Puppy Training and fundamentals
  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced off-leash Obedience
  • Behavior problem solving: aggression towards dogs or people, jumping on people, escaping etc.
  • CGC – Canine Good Citizen, evaluation, and certification
  • AKC – Sub Novice, Novice, Open, Utility, Rally, Tracking
  • Nose Work Detection Sport
  • Tracking 
  • Protection Training
  • Alarm dog training
  • Remote Collar Conditioning
  • Detection Training: Narcotics, Explosives, Bed Bugs, Termite, Cadaver, Weapons, Peanuts etc.
  • Security K9 Training: Company or Hospital

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As the lead K9 Trainer for my department I have purchased multiple canines from several vendors over the years. Recently I have had the opportunity to purchase 3 new canines from Man K9. Prior to the purchase I spoke with Manuel about our training philosophies and the traits we were looking for. Manuel’s knowledge of dogs and being able to pair you with what type of traits you are looking for was spot on. The canines I purchased were incredible going through school and are now working the streets without any issues. Everyone at Man K9 form Manuel, Laurie, Sam and Fon were honest, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help and answer any questions. It’s their passion and it shows with A+ service. Thank you for what you guys do.”

– Chad Haskins
Sr. Officer / Lead K9 Trainer

“I have been working with Man-K9, Manuel Villanueva, and his Staff since 2005 both as a K9 Handler and as the K9 Program Supervisor for a Municipal Police Department in San Diego County, California.

“Manuel and his Staff are reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. They train all of our K9 Teams on two different disciplines, Patrol work and Narcotic Detection. During the K9 Academy, K9 Handlers not only learn about dog behavior but also case law, first aid, and dog’s anatomy. Manuel and his Staff do realistic scenario based training and keep up to date with current events to have reliable K9 Teams in service.

“Manuel and his Staff are available to us 24/7/365 and the work with my K9 Teams to solve problems.”

– Sgt J. M.

“Man-K9, Manuel Villanueva has been my department’s K9 trainer since 1983. Manuel’s experience and knowledge in K9 training and handling is second to none. I have been the supervisor for my departments K9 unit for four years. Manuel and his staff is always available to our department for anything K9 related. Manuel’s training is always current to what is relevant in today’s policing. He is current in both state and federal case law dealing with K9. Manuel expects our handlers to be of the best in the industry and holds and trains them to the highest standards.”

– Sgt. J.R.

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