If meeting new people and their dogs is something you enjoy, maybe you should consider starting your own dog training business. That way you will be introduced to lots of new friendships. You get an added benefit if you are also a dog lover. As a trainer, you will have the opportunity to help people build better relationships with their dogs while creating amazing teamwork. Careful planning is vital if you want this to work though, and the following will help with that.  

1. Get Experience With Dogs

The place to begin with any business idea is determining if it is a right fit for you and whether or not it is something you might want to do for a lifetime. Therefore, spending time with dogs should be a good place to start. You can do that by owning your own dog, but there are other ways to gain the experience as well. Here are some ideas.
  • Get a job as a Dog Walker
  • Work as a Pet Sitter
  • Groom dogs
  • Work for a Doggie Daycare Center

2. Learn Interpersonal Skills

Unless you already have some mentoring experience, you will need to learn how to work with people, since it is pet owners you will be working with more than their dogs. These skills are vital if you want to get referrals and become successful at in your desired career.

3. Decide about a Specialty

While it is possible to venture into the dog training business with no specific area of specialty, it may be wise to start off with one and then venture into others once you gain more experience and reputation. You might want to start out offering the basics of obedience training at first with an eye toward competition obedience or protection later on.

4. Location

Where you start your dog training business is important because unless you can find enough clients you may have to get a job to supplement earnings. Urban areas are ideal because of the numbers of dog owners there wishing to have well-behaved dogs. There is no need to have a large space in which to work since many trainers go to dog owners’ homes. However, if you do find large areas useful for group training, you could arrange to use a local park or some other facility.

5. Research Competitor Prices

As with any other business, you should always find out what prices the market will allow. A good way to do that is to find out what your competitors are charging for similar services. Most trainers charge hourly rates, and sometimes bill by the half-hour. If you cannot find the information you need online, don’t be shy about contacting competitors directly and asking them about this. Being open about why you ask is good, but there is nothing wrong with pretending you are a potential client either. Trainers have nothing to lose from being honest about their prices, and you could even find a valuable ally in your pursuit for correct pricing.

6. Get Certified

One of the best ways to learn how to build a dog training business is to become certified in your craft. The benefits of certification lie in the fact that you gain a lot of expertise from your efforts and get to advertise the fact that you’re a certified dog trainer and that carries clout. The certification can be accomplished through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers or from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

If you are looking to get your dogs trained rather than stating the adventure of becoming dog trainer yourself, please contact Man K-9 in San Diego County. Our certified dog trainers and handlers will be happy to give you advice and tell you more about the training options we offer.